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Disappointing Realtors

It's the same ol' story - a smiley agent convinces you to sign an Exclusivity Agreement and kindly hints that unless you sign it, no agent will be willing to work with you.

Your head is spinning with thoughts: open houses, cleaning this and that, a few repairs you need to do before they bring potential buyers... now who is going to pay for these repairs?

The agent brings a couple people to see your house, but you're starting to get the feeling that they're not necessarily protecting your best interest. They want you to accept an offer quickly, saying that the buyers can still pull back their offer.

Are they just hoping for a quick-fat commission? They want to seal the deal and move on to the next seller.

Think twice before signing an Exclusivity Agreement.

Did a realtor ever tell you that there are countless ways to sell your house without working so hard, without paying thousands of dollars in commission, without having nosey neighbors and unqualified buyers roaming through your house every weekend?

Did they tell you that depending on your circumstances and goals, you might be better off selling to a reputable home-buying company like RESIDE?

They certainly didn't tell you that you could capture the equity in your house TODAY and get it over time at the terms that suit you - with interest! When you sell to RESIDE, you can choose to become the bank and earn like the top 1%, or you could choose to get full cash all at once! We will buy under your terms.

With RESIDE, there are No commission, No open-houses, No headache.

Contact us today to unlock the options in your house. We will lay them out for you and let you make the choice.

Sell your house quickly with no uncertainty. We buy houses in the East Bay of San Francisco, even as far as Central Valley.



We will buy your house anywhere in the greater San-Francisco Bay Area

contact us TODAY to sell fast

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