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Coping with Breakup or Divorce

We are sorry that you are experiencing difficulties with your partner. Obviously this is not a situation that should be allowed to continue. Here are a few pointers on selling your house at this time.

Always Seek Legal Advice

If you are already in the process of getting a divorce, talk to your attorney about selling the joint properties. If you need a referral for reputable divorce attorneys in the Bay Area, feel free to send us a confidential email. An affordable way to start inquiring is to check on the Justice Department's website the list of pro-bono legal service providers who will be able to give you free initial legal advice.

Separation or Divorce?

What is your current situation? It matters whether you are still together and living in the same house or already separated. If your relationship has broken down and both of you own the home, it would be sensible to seek an attorney's advice about the way in which your assets would be divided.

Who Gets the House?

In cases where the house is owned separately by a single spouse, usually the owner will get the house. If the property was acquired during the marriage it is often considered community property, which means the property is owned by both spouses equally. Community property can be divided in several ways, either by agreement or court order, in the divorce judgment.

While some solutions exist for one spouse to keep the house, many separated couples find it simpler to sell the house and split the proceeds. This is often the only feasible option when neither spouse is in a financial position to own the home alone.

What if my ex-spouse refuses to sell?

Start by documenting the way in which your ex-spouse is being un-cooperative, in as much detail as possible. This will be useful in the event that you do need to apply for a court order. In most cases a judge can force the sale of the joint property. If you would like to present your spouse a concrete offer from a buyer who is willing to purchase your house, contact us.

Things to Consider Can either spouse afford the house on their own?

Is staying in the house preventing you from moving on?

Will selling the house help recover some of the legal costs of getting divorced?

If you decided to sell, are you interested in listing the house with a realtor or do you prefer a quick sale for a fair cash price? Remember that besides preparing the house for sale, entertaining potential buyers and waiting for their loan to get approved, selling with a realtor involves lengthy negotiations with buyers. Are you ready to do these negotiations together with your ex-spouse?

Are you willing to consider a fair cash offer from RESIDE before binding yourself to a realtor with an exclusivity agreement?

What would be the best timeframe for you to move out? RESIDE can offer you flexibility in that regard - would that help you?

How Can RESIDE Help Me?

You will be dealing with compassionate and patient professionals. We will never push you to take a decision we know is not in your favor and we will always be transparent about your various options.

Since we buy houses for cash, we can offer flexibility to finalize the sale of your house in your timeframe. If you need a few months to settle your affairs, we can give you that. If you want to put this behind you tomorrow, we will work hard to make it happen ASAP.

You do not need to worry about repairing or cleaning your house - we buy houses in any condition.

Our fair cash offer is given free of charge and is only binding if you find it attractive and decide to accept it and sign an agreement. We will walk you through the entire process and will let you know your options at any part of the way.

Call us today at (510) 473-6394 or fill the online form on the right hand side of your screen. Thank you for considering us!

Don't be forced to dependency, sell the house and settle the matter.

Still considering? Let us reach out to you with an offer -->


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