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Financial Hardship

Experiencing Debt / Foreclosure?

The feeling of losing control over your own life is difficult.

Make the debts go away by selling your house and getting a fresh start! We are here for you every step of the way.

Whether you need the money to pay down student loans, credit card loans, an auto loan or medical expenses, we can help!

Let us help you emerge in a stronger financial position. Use the proceeds from your house sale to get out of debt for good. Owning, maintaining and paying a mortgage on a home is a substantial financial commitment. Any real estate challenges may impact your finances for years.

Take advantage of the historically high property prices and sell before home prices drop again. Use the value of your home to pay off existing debts and set yourself free! We pay cash for properties in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you were unexpectedly fired or suffer a medical condition, if you face debt and the bills continue piling up, let us show you some of your options.

How Can RESIDE Help You?

We help Bay Area homeowners with closing debts and repairing credit. We will buy your house for cash in any physical or legal condition. We will take care of the paperwork and will not charge a commission.

With cash in hand, you can go to any of our affiliate companies who will help you negotiate with creditors and improve your credit.

Your first step would be to contact us and confidentially share your situation with us.

We will give you a fair cash offer. You choose the closing date and we pay all costs.

The benefits of selling to RESIDE:

• Quick sale • You get cash in your bank instantly • Don't worry about repairs and cleaning • Efficient and professional Although your cash offer will be under market value, you are going to save a lot of money on closing costs and commissions as well as other expenses which include repairs. When it comes time to get paid, you will get a check or have the money wired into your bank account.

Do you have it in you? Just give us a call and see what it takes - you'll discover you have more options than you think.

Your information is always kept confidential because we respect your privacy, so give us a call today if you think you have nothing to lose... you might gain your life back.

Get a clean slate and a fresh start by selling your house today.

Where will you go from here?


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