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Help with Relocation

You know what they say: Home is where opportunity lives.

Whether you are leaving the Bay Area due to a work opportunity, illness in the family or another reason, there are so many details to keep together.

Don't let this dramatic change in your life become all the more stressful. Consider selling your house to a reputable home-buying company and benefit from a cash payment and flexible terms. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Sell or Keep?

You decided to relocate to a new area. Whether or not you plan to be back in the Bay Area in a few years, you want to consider the challenges of keeping a house from a distance. You probably want to avoid ending up paying to own and maintain a vacant house. Leasing the house is always an option, but the challenges of landlording become even harder from a distance and that would come with a toll. Instead of finding yourself with a heavy liability while you're already settled in your new location, we suggest planning to sell the house while you're still in the area.

The Cost of Relocation

So you’ve done the math, you’ve located a nice, quiet neighborhood not too far from your new job, and things seem to look alright on paper. All's good, right?

Well not exactly. Even if your new income minus your new expenses will net you an amount similar to what you’re used to, the one-time expenses of moving should not be ignored. Selling your house will give you a good cash base for expenses.


A new city, a new job, new colleagues... So much to get adjusted to. As you'll be trying to integrate in a new workplace, your family will also experience the challenges of settling in a new place. The kids will go to new schools as you and your spouse will be adjusting to the new environment.

With all this pressure, dealing with professionals can give you peace of mind:

• Forget about preparing the old house for sale.

• Forget about entertaining potential buyers at open-houses.

• Forget about lengthy negotiations with buyers.

• Forget about fixing every minor thing in the house until the buyers are satisfied.

• Forget about waiting for the buyers' loan to get approved.

• Forget about the stress of selling to unqualified buyers.

The Cost of Waiting Out

Calculate the value of selling your house fast vs. selling through a realtor:

Holding your house for even one month can cost you thousands in insurance, taxes, maintenance, and of course - mortgage. If your mortgage is in its first decade, your payments go mostly towards interest and barely gain any equity in your house - that's money down the drain. On top of all the costs that add up every month until you sell, tens of thousands of dollars will be paid in commission to your realtor. Typically realtors charge 6% from the seller... that's A LOT of money.

You can save all this time and money by selling your house directly to a reputable home buying company.

How Can RESIDE Help?

The flexibility we offer to our clients, allows them to leave at their convenience which often means that they can use some of the money from the purchase to make arrangements in their new location, before they start moving the entire family. Kids can stay in school and finish the year even if one parent needs to relocate immediately.

The benefit of dealing with an established home-buying company is that we don't have the constraints of private buyers and real estate agents. We can close at the time and terms that will help your situation and will give you peace of mind.

We are happy to assume all costs of the sale and in some cases offer a bonus for your moving expenses. We do not charge a commission from you.

RESIDE also offers solutions for other real estate issues like: change in family needs, downsizing and other situations.

Contact us today to receive a fair cash offer. If it doesn't suit your needs, we are happy to refer you to a local realtor who will work with you to find a private buyer.

Above all, we are honest and straightforward. Our business goal is not just to build neighborhoods, but to build communities.


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